Isn't this just what us mums all want for our little girls. To feel strong and powerful human beings, to feel heard and appreciated, loved, and to embrace an unlimited creative mind that has the potential to achieve their most heartfelt desires and strengths.

This is what I desire for my 2 girls. Lola my eldest girl who is 7, is a powerful force. A beautiful girl who shares her heart on her sleeve. She makes me laugh on a daily basis, when she dances her smile lights up her whole face and radiates so much joy, and she showers me in love and bear hugs. Sometimes her enthusiasm for sharing her emotions can be somewhat overwhelming. And I love that about her (as I write this she is telling me how much she loves her mummy and gives me kisses). It took me a long while into my teenage and early adult years to fully accept the love from others into my life. Probably my biggest life lesson was to love myself. And I don't mean this in a vain way but to understand ones value and place importance on ones own happiness. Because when you don't you accept less for yourself. I learnt this lesson the hard way. But that's for another day..

My youngest daughter is Arabella who is 5 and due to start kindergarten in a few short weeks (insert tears). She is feisty, quite petite and polite, and has a secret nature about her who delights in daily journalling (perhaps future blogger; or journalist). Arabella is quite content to be in the background and be a quiet achiever where as my Lola needs to have constant reinforcement and encouragement. I see parts of myself in both of my girls. And I truly hope that I can pass on some wisdom and guidance to my girls from past experiences both good and bad, to help them through this life. To come through the bad stuff and still be able to remain a positive force for good.

What has happened to the Everett family is unfathomable and saddens me greatly. Suicide is a delicate subject that is quite close to my heart. These tragic circumstances have propelled me to write this blog. Although tough; starting conversations with our most vulnerable is so very important. The Everett family has set up #dollysdream on Instagram in the hope of saving other families from the devastating impacts of cyber bullying #stopbullyingnow I hope you all can take a little time to support their journey and donate to their charity Dolly's Dream Foundation.

A very powerful book written in a such a relatable manner that I was so fortunate to have been given was 'Beautiful Girl' written by Christiane Northrup M.D., This gorgeous book shows our little ladies how to cope with the many challenges of a girls body, and teaches them the most important part of a woman's health is her attitude about herself. It contains a powerful and creative message to set the stage for her physical and mental health throughout life.

This gift was given to me by one of the most amazing women in my life, Kat Morrell. Kat knows my story and perhaps she knew it was a piece of the puzzle missing in my life that I needed as a mother. Kat is a fierce earth warrior and a crazy good friend. This book gave me a new way to explain the importance of self love to my girls in a very beautiful way.

I come from a Ukrainian mother whom was my entire world. We had such a close relationship. As a teenager and young adult we would often go shopping together, we went to the theatre together, we went to the beach together, picnics, and really enjoyed each others company. Sadly; and it breaks my heart to write this, my mother lost her battle with depression due to suicide when I was just 25. I haven't been the same since. It's a long story that I'm sure I will share with you all on this new blogging journey of mine. I think it's just what the doctor ordered. 

Becoming a mother was something that just wasn't on my radar until I met my husband. I guess it took me that long to heal from all of my previous life experiences. To truly start loving myself enough for another to love. The universe lined up our hearts that day and I am eternally grateful. It came with it though a whole new world of worry and wonder.

Becoming a biz mum has come with it some challenges, but inadvertently has given my children (especially my girls) a strong message of self reliance and determination. Essentially we build our own lives, and our own happiness. Although we are constantly subjected to others negativity which can have detrimental effects, we have the ability to ignore all the noise and follow our hearts desires regardless. When Sprinkles & Adventure evolved I had no idea how successful it would become. It was merely a new outlet for my creative mind and a chance to dress my girls in all the pretty bows. Having a social media presence @sprinklesandadventure has also allowed me to forge beautiful new friendships, achieve a great sense of achievement, and feel proud of myself for building a business that gives not only myself but so many other women and children such happiness. 

Feeling good about oneself comes in many forms. But a quick fix like a new hair style, or a pretty bow on your daughter, can somehow give us a sense of control in our hectic lives.  

So I guess my message for mums wanting to build confidant young girls is to start with the basics 'Self-love'. From this head space I believe we can achieve anything. Accepting that we are not perfect, and somedays we feel totally overwhelmed, and that is totally ok. We are all important, and we all deserve to be happy. I truly believe being a mother is by far my greatest achievement, and building confidence in our daughters will create a happy generation.

Good luck on your parenting journey!

Natasha x


  • Tash, my darling daughter-in-law, here I am late to discover things – your blog. I am so proud of you and burst with joy that you are the wondrous being who shares her life with my son and my beautiful grandchildren.
    All your futures shine bright.
    Thank you for your sensitive, loving, nurturing nature. I love you xx

  • Oh Natasha you beautiful human!
    I lost my mum to early onset dementia so never grew up with a strong female influence in my life. I’m only finding my feet now as an adult and am learning the art of self-love not only for me but so I can be a strong influence for my daughter. I know how important it is for girls to learn to love themselves for who they are and drown out the negativity of society.
    Thank you for writing an amazing first blog. I’m really looking forward to working with you ???

  • What an amazing person you are! just when I thought I loved you as much as I could…Keep strong and own your destiny. Your husband and your little family of cheeky monkeys will support and love you where ever it may lead. You are already a winner, much love and happiness. PV

  • Oh Nat, what an absolute touching first blog. You definitely have a gift with words and know how to speak your truth so well. I absolutely encourage what you are saying 100%. Little girls through to adult women constantly need reminding of self love. I remember my mother always complaining about her body (but hello she had 5 children and not a single stretch mark! I thought she was beautiful) however her self image doubts krept into my mind from a very young age. I have now learnt from having a daughter of my own the importance of letting that all go! You are incredibly beautiful inside and out Nat, thank you so much for sharing and reminding us all that importance. I am incredibly sorry to hear about your mumma, she would be watching over you every step of the way, and be bursting with pride! Lots of love xox

  • Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your journey by sharing your story, opening your heart and being such an inspirational woman and friend. Thank you for reminding me that self love is a priority for me and my children. Thank you for reminding me to share love and vulnerability to help others find their self love. Thank you for reminding me to decorate my girls beautiful bodies with bows so they can sparkle as they play, grow and learn. You are a remarkable woman!! Love you xoox


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